Creative Ideas For The Backyard Your Kids Will Love!

Kids love the outside and that’s a fact! They find beauty in almost everything in nature and it’s a healthy sign for a growing child to be curious about their surrounding and be adventurous.  At school, children are exposed to a playful environment where they interact with their peers and enjoy all sorts of games and activities. What if you could create an environment similar to a school playground in your own backyard? Just put up a wooden fence and convert the backyard into a place that fills your children’s eyes with wonder. Here are a few simple, yet brilliant tips for transforming your boring old backyard into what your kids have always wanted.  safety surface

A trampoline  

The good old trampoline would be a great addition to your back garden and you can always move it around to make space for other things. Jumping up and down on a trampoline is not only a fun activity the kids will love, but it’s also a good exercise for them. Most trampolines today come with a vertical safety net that provides protection. With the addition of a few garden hoses wrapped around, accompanied by a steady flow of water, you can turn it into a trampoline-waterpark hybrid, providing the most spectacular recreational experience for your children. 

 A mini football field  

If your backyard is big enough for the kids to kick the ball around, draw the lines, place the goal posts and create your very own mini football field. Make sure that your garden is surrounded by a fence or a wall that is tall enough to keep the ball from going outside and flatten the field properly in order to prevent your kids from falling and injuring themselves. You can even use an artificial turf which is manufactured in such a way to minimize the damage caused by a fall and it is quite easy to set up and requires no irrigation for maintenance.  

Outdoor play equipment  

Swings, see-saws, monkey bars and the rest of the playground equipment are sources of great fun and addition of one of these to your child’s play area would make them very happy. Pick a good spot and look into the safety of the surrounding. Cover the ground with a safety surface and wrap protective pads around any trees nearby to prevent accidents that may occur while the kids are running around. Regularly check on the equipment, and if any signs of rusting or deterioration are detected, take steps to repair them.  

Backyard chalk board  

This is inexpensive and easy to set up, and once completed, your little artist will get to draw all kinds of stuff all summer long. All you need for this DIY project is a wooden board, chalk board paint, few nails and a hammer. Do it while they are at school and surprise them when they get home.