Following A Career In Mediation – A Short Guide

Are you interested in taking up a career in mediation? As with any career, it is important to learn as much as you can about the educational and professional qualifications that are required to get into this field. In Hong Kong, there are several institutions that offer training courses providing valuable professional skills and knowledge in mediation. Rules and regulations will differ in various countries, so find out about the requirements that you might need to fulfill to become a registered mediator in Hong Kong.

Educational Qualifications For Training Programs
It is common for lawyers or former judges to get into mediation, however, training from a recognised institution is required along with the certification. Educational requirements to qualify for accreditations from HKMAAL in family mediation will require a college or university degree in subjects such as psychology, law, counseling or social work. A post-graduate degree or academic qualifications in education or healthcare or other related fields are also considered. For general mediation qualifications in Hong Kong, three years of full-time working experience is compulsory before the application process.

Professional Qualifications
To become a family mediator in Hong Kong, you will need to undergo a series training programs that are certified from HKMAAL. Additionally, CPD or continuing professional development courses that awards participant with accreditations, can be considered for those who looking at career advancement. As mentioned previously, those who wish to get into general mediation will need to have at least three years working experience before applying for continuing professional development that will award you with the necessary accreditations.

Work Environment
Mediators are usually called in to resolve conflicts outside a courtroom. They do not represent a client like a lawyer, but are present to resolve conflict through negotiation so that the parties involved can compromise or find common ground. The mediators need to be unbiased and objective – as well as clearly communicate or give advice to resolve the conflict. There are regulations to be followed when registering for HKIAC mediation and keep yourself informed of the latest trends or changes as well.

Some Useful Skills
Being good at communication and negotiating are some great skills that will come in handy in this field – taking part in CPD programs can also equip you with new techniques and expertise as well. It is also important to be aware of how the situation is affecting the people who are within the conflict, and make sure that their concerns are heard. Being able to work well with people and understand their needs is important too.