Office Kitchen Etiquettes That One Should Follow

 Working in an office would be one’s dream when they are young. That is because they tend to imagine office spaces like those in ‘Sex and the City’. But life is not always that kind. Therefore more often than not we select a place due to the salary. However, that does not mean it would not be without benefits. For many individuals having a kitchen area at work would be a benefit in itself. But this is not as great as it sounds. That is because this is one space that every individual in the office would use. Therefore if it is not maintained it can easily cause countless problems. 

Keep It Clean 

If you have a co-working space you know how crucial it is to keep it clean. It does not matter that there are two individuals sharing this space. That is because if one expects the other to clean up you would be taking advantage of the other individual. Thus, due to this reason, it is crucial to clean up after oneself. It does not matter how big or small a spill is. If you made it you should clean up after yourself.  

Label Your Food 

Offices are not like those displayed in Friends. If there is a label on the food no one would touch it.  This is the same rule in every serviced office space.  Therefore one should make sure to label their food to avoid any conflicts. This label should be made using big bold letters. This would help to avoid any confusion between employees. However, one should keep in mind that if it is not label then it is fair game. V

Remove Food Before It Spoils 

Ordinarily one would bring in new food on a daily basis. They do this because they tend to view this food as their lunch. Therefore they would bring it in the morning and finish it by lunch. But there are also those individuals who bring extra food. That is because they want it to last for a couple of days. However, that does not mean one can keep it in forever. Instead one should attempt to remove it before it goes bad. But we understand that sometimes these things slip one’s mind. In that case, they should do it as soon as they remember. That is because no one wants to open the fridge for spoilt food. 


Working in an office can offer a mixed response to people. But one should try to respect other’s feelings and space. Especially when it comes to their food.