Types Of Themed Engagement Photo Shoots


Engagement photo shoots are great for several reasons, apart from providing an opportunity for the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day it also provides them with an opportunity to express their creativity and personality by engaging in fun photo shoots. Therefore, if you are one newly engaged couple who is feeling clueless about the type of photo shoot which you wish to undertake this article is for you as it would explore some fun and popular photo shoot ideas.  

Book Nerds 

If the future bride and groom initially met and bonded over their love of books then the engagement photo shoot is a great idea to commemorate this. For instance Harry Potter lovers could opt to dress in Quiddich finest and pose for a couple of photographs playing Quiddich with their significant other.  Furthermore, the Game of Thrones fans can act out as their favourite couples for a Westros themed photo shoot. For instance one can utilize the burnt and ash effects to create the backdrop of a setting which depicts the aftermath of an attack by Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Moreover, another fun photo shoot ideas would be to dress as the Queen of Hearts and the Joker from the Alice in Wonderland series.  artificial snow

Movie Fans 

Is there any greater photo shoot that enacting scenes from the great love stories such as Titanic or The Notebook? While some couples may prefer such romantic and sentimental roles others can also opt to act out scenes from Star Wars using Light Sabers as it would provide a great moment for the photographer to capture.  Furthermore, those couples that love all things macabre can opt for a Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride photo shoot which they can enact by adorning the necessary gear and by utilizing snow fx for tv to create the perfect backdrop for the photographs.  

TV Show Lovers 

When it comes to TV shows couples are faced with endless ideas while those engaged in the medical profession can opt for a Meredith and Derek themed photo shoot preferably in an elevator others can opt to create the iconic moments depicted in How I Met Your Mother with the help of a yellow umbrella.  

As these are photographs that you can look back at in the years to come and one day show your children and children’s children to demonstrate how cool their parents/grandparents were back in the day couples should make sure to pick a theme that they both enjoy and one that has an impact on their relationship.